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Soaking Passes

Enjoy a special soaking experience at Mystic Hot Springs!

Quick Info

  • By reservation only
  • Soaking passes are good for a reserved 2-hour time slot
  • Soaking area includes: 2, 20×20 pools and 5 cast iron bathtubs that easily fit 2 adults
  • Please note, you will be sharing the soaking area with others booked at the same time as you
Child (12 and Under)

About the Hot Springs

The mineral-rich waters are sure to be the crown jewel of your visit. Take a soak and understand why the hot springs were given their Mystical name. The soaking area consists of two concrete pools and five vintage cast iron bathtubs.

The shallow pool is 2 feet deep and features an arch waterfall created by the minerals spilling into the the pool that gives a most heavenly massage. The deeper pool is four feet deep and creates a perfect place for strengthening and stretching muscles or floating meditation.

Soak in the water while soaking up the view of the breathtaking Utah sunsets. When the sun goes down, check out the Milky Way in all its glory. The “Hill,” as it’s often called, also serves as a one-of-a-kind acoustic concert venue. Where else can you soak in an outdoor bathtub while watching your favorite band perform?

The temperatures of the soaking areas are usually between 99-110 degrees Fahrenheit, nice and hot. The bathtubs are drained and cleaned a few times daily, the pools are drained and cleaned bi-weekly. With a consistent flow, the water stays clean and hygienic. Its cloudy appearance is naturally occurring due to the minerals in the water. There is no sulfur in our water, so washing off after soaking isn’t necessary!

What to Bring

Please bring your own towel and refillable water bottle

Mystic Hot Springs is not responsible for lost or left belongings.