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Mystic Hot Springs

Natural Hot Springs in Monroe, Utah

Mystic Hot Springs

Natural Hot Springs in Monroe, Utah

Mystic Hot Springs

Natural Hot Springs in Monroe, Utah

About Mystic Hot Springs

Producer/Director/Artist Mike Ginsburg was traveling in his bus back to Denver from the last Vegas Dead shows in 1995 when he stumbled into Mystic Hot Springs. He instantly realized that everything he was looking for was right there. Miraculously, he was able to purchase the resort.

He’s been working there since 1996! He has used his artistic talent to add new soaking areas, restore pioneer cabins, promote many wonderful concerts, produce DVDs, create stunning lampwork glass jewelry, and bring a special energy to this wonderful place.

Mission Statement:

Mystic Hot Springs creates an authentic environment which raises self-awareness by direct experience with nature, art, and antiquities.

Reviewers call it "Unique, Magical, and Enchanting!"

This place was amazing! We went there second week of July after hiking at Zion National Park. It takes about 3 hours from Zion. BUT, it was the best thing ever after the hike. The natural hot springs outside the tub was amazing! It felt so good. And the Gypsy/Hippie buses was pretty cool. Made us feel like Hippies in the 60's. Lol And the gentleman checked us in(sorry couldn't remember your name), was so nice and accommodating. Nothing but good vibes everywhere. They also had Llama farm that was pretty cool. Also bring firewood for the firepit and grocery. It's in the middle of nowhere but feels great to escape from the busy city life.

– Yelp, Lio I.

From the awesome chair massage to the piping hot natural spring water to the eclectic decor to the genuine friendly people. Wow. I loved this. Other people try to replicate the "shabby chic" vibe but this is the real deal. Clean bathrooms, hot showers, soft green grass to lay down your tent. I wish I had another day to hang out here. The hot springs are perfect. The people are sweet and kind.

– Yelp, Melora P.

The springs are open 24/7. This is probably the most unique and interesting hot spring I've been to. I can't wait to go back 1000 more times. The staff were friendly, I absolutely loved the cabin I stayed in. It was clean, the bed was on the ground, but it was comfy. Bed on the ground is limiting to certain bodies. That's my only concern. The place does look like its falling apart. A lot of it is dilapidated. But that's part of the charm in a way. I read a bit on the history of the springs. They're doing a good job of bringing it back. The water is as hot, pure, and healing as its ever been. The pools are regularly cleaned. The staff seem very dedicated to the place. This was among my favorite stops on my last motorcycle trip. I will definitely be returning.

– Yelp, Rand O.

Amazing stop on a cross country trip from NY to LA. The hot springs were warm and relaxing. Perfect for watching the sunset. Our cabin was cute and clean with plenty of wood to burn inside or out. Owners are super nice and you really can't beat a 1pm check out time. I hope to return soon.

– Yelp, Bianca A.

This place is just what it sounds like- mystical. You can truly appreciate the raw beauty in Utah, get away from the craziness of everyday life, and really realign yourself and relax. The vibes here are incredible, the spaces created are adorable and cozy, and the natural hot springs mineral water is soothing to the soul. It was a truly magical time, and for the low price especially! I would highly recommend this place to anyone looking for a lovely vacation. It was even extremely clean, considering all the people that stay there and use the restrooms and pools and other amenities.

– Yelp, Serena P.

Mystic Hot Springs has been on my radar for a few years now. I LOVE soaking in a peaceful place and this place was incredible. We stayed in Ben, the Grateful Dead bus and had so much fun in that! The stars were amazing and the vibe of the place was exactly what I was searching for. I couldn't have been happier with my stay. I will definitely be back!

– Yelp, Kayla L.

This is an incredibly unique and special place. It is not a five star hotel. If you want a stay that's special, with loads of memories and peacefulness, this is the place for you. If you need something that is more like a hotel, you should definitely stay at a hotel. I ADORED my trip here. I was camping and on a very long road trip alone. I was greeted with extreme kindness both by the owner and the camp host. They pointed out some places I could eat in a relatively quick drive, as I was too tired to cook. I camped on the soft grass, and my camping neighbors were quiet. The bathroom is a short walk from the campground. The soak is where it's at though. I watched the sun set and the sun rise on Mystic Hot Springs and it is something I will absolutely never forget.

– Yelp, Kerissa B.

Awesome stop over for the night while driving through. Not too far from I 70. 1.5 miles maybe? Stayed in one of the converted old busses! So cool. The springs are available to the overnight guests at all hours which is great. Showed up had a soak, got dinner, had a soak, had a campfire in the provided ring ( not all units) then had another soak. The sunset is visible from most tubs and the staff is very welcoming.

– Yelp, Brendan M.

This little gem is a funky/junky/hippie/cool/magical spot! It is not Calistoga or Canyon Ranch. If that is what you are used to and looking for this is not for you. If you are looking for a fun, rustic, throw back era spot, you have landed in Nirvana. Mike and Aubrey were warm and wonderful. I even scheduled a body work session with Aubrey to work with some nagging back issues I was having and sore muscles from hiking in Moab. One of the best body work sessions I've had (and I've had many) and I am pain free a day later! Mike asked how the water temperature was in the tubs during my first soak and I mentioned it could be warmer and he gladly obliged. Late that night my neighbors and I hiked up to the tubs and soaked in blissfully hot water under a blanket of stars. I stayed in the Gypsy Wagon and found it enchanting. I would 100% return.

– Yelp, Lesli B.

In short, this place is just awesome. It's out there and beyond worth a visit. As the previous reviewer stated, it is definitely raw, but that's part of what makes it so very awesome. I found it to be very relaxing, & the tub I was in was great. I stayed in so long I was starting to turn into a raisin. I will absolutely return here should I by chance go through Utah again!!

– Yelp, Rox M.