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Mystic Hot Springs Experiences in Monroe, UT

Explore the Edge of the Utah Wilderness & Rediscover Why You Are Alive

Relax & soak in these majestic hot springs near Monroe, Utah

Do something special for yourself. Experience the true beauty of Utah by soaking in pure mineral water hot springs naturally heated by the earth. The 165-degree water continually flows down the hill, cooling as it descends. Monroe Springs’ many soaking pools, all at different temps (100-111 degrees), soothe even the sorest muscles. As the water cools further, tropical fish thrive in nine different ponds.

We have the sweetest of ducks, peacocks, geese, chickens, llamas, an emu, and a goat, all waiting for you to say hello! Just don’t get too close to the geese; they like their space!

In the small town of Monroe, UT lies our little slice of paradise, and we want to share it with you! Stop in for a soak in our majestic hot springs on your road trip between national parks or plan a getaway staying in a hippie bus or pioneer cabin. Do you enjoy music? We have hosted thousands of bands who provide shows for our guests, and we throw a large festival every July!