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We look forward to your visit at Mystic Hot Springs!

Directions to Mystic Hot Springs

From Salt Lake City, I-15 south to the Scipio exit number 188, take Hwy 50 east (approx 25 miles) to I-70 west, proceed to exit 31, go left at bottom of the off-ramp, continue for 2 miles, then go right on Hwy 118 for 3-4 miles to center of Monroe, turn left on 100 North and go up the hill 5 blocks to the big white building at end of road.

It is an easy drive off the highway. It’s all paved until the last block. For precise location details, please see the interactive Google Map on the left side of the page below.

Where To Find Us
Map & Location
map of utah and mystic hot springs
Local Attractions

The area surrounding Mystic Hot Springs here in Utah provides a wealth of outdoor activities and excursions. Typically on offer are hikes, mountain biking, fishing, climbing… not forgetting that nearby are numerous national forests and national parks, as well as some of the USA’s best canyons and monument sites.

Hiking in nearby Monrovian Park:

Less than 5 miles from Mystic Hot Springs there are stunning hikes and wonderful picnic spots available in Monrovian Park, part of Fishlake National Forest. Enjoy the open green spaces with a river and great views of the beautiful Utah country. The park can be reached by car, bike or on foot – a perfect excursion to the wonders of nature… And when you get back, you will be ready for a soak!

Fremont Indian State Park:

One of our favorite local places to visit! An incredible museum, surrounding hiking, and home to one of the largest collections of Fremont Indian petroglyphs, pictographs, and pictoglyphs.

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Nearby Restaurants and Markets

Sagebrush Grill


South China Cafe

Cowboy Corral

Big Daddy’s Deli

GG’s Marketplace

Lins Fresh Market

Distances from major cities are below.

  • Salt Lake City: 150 miles
  • Denver: 470 miles
  • Las Vegas: 260 miles
  • Moab: 180 miles
  • Bryce Canyon: 80 miles
  • Canyon Lands: 160 miles
  • Heaven on Earth: .001 miles


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