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The best hippie hot springs in the West! An oasis in the desert.

The History of Mystic Hot Springs

-Come Rediscover Why You’re Alive-

Do something special for yourself. Experience the true beauty of Utah by soaking in pure mineral water naturally heated by the Earth.

The 165 degree water continually flows down the hill, cooling as it descends. Soaking pools and cast iron bathtubs, (between 100-111*), soothe even the sorest muscles.

Be a hippie for the night in a converted vintage bus, camp in the grass under the trees, or pull into an RV site. Hot showers and clean bathrooms welcome the traveler from near and far.

Maybe you’ll catch a concert, or a meteor shower during your visit. Perhaps you receive a hypnotic massage, or take a hike in a nearby canyon. Regardless of your itinerary, the mystical possibilities await.

Mystic Hot Springs has been known throughout its history as a place of rejuvenation and peace. First being used by nomadic bands from the Ute, Shoshone, and Piute tribes, and, later, as the settlers arrived, it was  popular as a resting place along the “Old Spanish Trail.

Homesteaded in 1886 by the Cooper family, Mystic Hot Springs (formerly known as Monroe Hot Springs) has gone through many changes in the past 100 years. During the early part of the century, a collecting pool was made of wood at the bottom of the hill. Soon, a dance floor was added and people would come from miles away in their horses and buggies to dance and soak the nights away. Their motto, “The home of mirth and merriment,” still rings true today!

Since 1996, Mystic Mike has been keeping with the mirth and merriment tradition alive by creating Mystic Hot Springs to be a unique hippie hot spring oasis known the world over.

Out of necessity, we have come to realize the importance of using what we have and reusing what’s available. Desert Patina on a recycled tin roof is very beautiful.

We have had many people help us throughout the years. Some stay for a few days, others have stayed for years. If you are interested in being a part of the Mystic team, please contact us.

Water is Life

The water is the beating heart at the center of everything Mystic is. Following its lifeblood pathways throughout the property, the water is abundantly flowing at 200 gallons per minute and a consistent 168 degrees Fahrenheit.

The water not only provides a spectacular soaking experience but is also used for its energy to grow vegetables and heat buildings. Never leaving the property, the water gets fed into tropical fish and duck ponds. Traveling from there, the water goes through our animals’ pens and some vegetable gardens, and eventually soaks into the earth or evaporates. In permaculture, this concept is called “cascading use,” and is one that is incorporated into the design at Mystic Hot Springs.

The main mineral in the water is calcium carbonate, which forms the large travertine mounds that are growing at a phenomenal rate! The calcium also clogs pipes quickly, which makes piping this water a difficult thing to do. The water travels in channels across the property and continually drops minerals that need to be dug out of the channels a couple of times a year. Calcium, along with other trace minerals found in the water, is excellent for skin and bones and soothing sore, achy muscles. Unlike many hot springs, Mystic has no sulfur in the water so there is no pungent smell. No shower is necessary after soaking.



Mystic Hot Springs is a one-of-a-kind place. You will not find it anywhere else. Some say it’s like stepping back in time to the 60s or 70s. Things are imperfect. We realize that there’s a lot we could do to improve it. We understand that things are always changing. We have learned to appreciate it for what it is at this moment.

Please respect our quiet hours from 9pm until 9am.

Mystic Hot Springs is not responsible for lost or left belongings.

Spa and Transformation Services:

We offer hypnotic massage experiences to round out your relaxing trip to Mystic Hot Springs. Please make your inquiry on our contact page.

Dog Policy:

If you are traveling with a dog, please note that we allow leashed dogs in the campground area only. We only allow dogs in certain overnight units (Ripple Bus and Gypsy Wagon).

Please make sure your unit allows dogs before booking. When staying overnight in our lodging, you will be charged a non-refundable fee, per dog per night. For those that are coming for soaking only, you will be responsible for keeping your dog safe and comfortable in your vehicle.

Dog owners who fail to be responsible for their dog, or who do not inform the front desk that they are traveling with dogs, will be asked to leave and will forfeit any rights to a refund of any kind. We are sorry; we do not allow cats.

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