Mystic Mike has over 30 years of video experience. He discovered film making in 1978 and has been persuing his creative dream ever since. Working extensively in the Denver market as a producer/director, for the first 10 years in his career, then persuing computer graphics and 3D animation.

His preference now is to shoot long-form music video and he has created a 3-camera video studio at Mystic Hot Springs with 16-multitrack audio capabilities. He has a full production suite of hardware and software allowing him to do just about any job from concept to competion. He also has three cameras available for producing content on location.

The services we provide include the following:

  • 3-camera video studio
  • Post-production (editing/graphics)
  • Computer animation
  • Multi-track audio studio
  • Still photography

Contact us for further information about the studio and to book a session.