The water comes out of the ground at 168 degrees Fahrenheit (75 degrees C.) and at 200 gallons/minute. As the water flows, the minerals cool and form layers of rock. This spring has been flowing out continuously for millions of years.

Over time, the mineral buildup has created a mound that is a mile accross, 200 ft deep, 200 yards wide.

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As the water travels through a channel, it cools down, and it is then contained in 8 bathtubs and 2 concrete pools. The pools and tubs are kept between 98 and 110 degrees Fahrenheit (37-43 degrees C.), so you are bound to find something you like. The temperatures can always be adjusted as necessary.

The bathtubs are cleaned every morning. The pools are cleaned once or twice a week.

The water contains lots of calcium, magnesium, and iron, which makes it best for soaking. We don't recommend it for drinking, however, if you would like to drink it, we advise you to acquire it from the source in a glass container and drink 1 oz per day at the most.

Tubs 7 and 8 are usually the hottest. Five minutes in these tubs can do wonders on aching muscles.

People come here and after soaking experience wonderful feelings of well-being!

Our water is amazingly soothing and rejuvenating.

Come get the mystic glow!

The view from the tubs is incredible! Watch the sunset from here!

The tubs are also the best place to gaze at the beautiful stars.

Come watch a meteor shower even in the winter!

It's beautiful to see the moon rise over the mountains.

The shallow pool is 3 feet deep, so it is nice depth and suitable for children.

The deep pool is about 4 1/2 ft deep and it is a good size for the type of massage available here. The owner, Mystic Mike, himself does the massages. He came up with his own brand he calls "transfloatation massage."

When the water leaves the pools and tubs it flows to 5 tropical fish ponds, which are kept at about 75 degrees Fahrenheit all year long. This makes it possible to keep exotic tropical fish like Koi, Mollies, African cichlids, and guppies.

We have plans to use the water for other functions, such as greenhouses. Our intention is to cover the channel from the source to where the water is split off into the pools and tubs, so that the steam produced will water the plants.

We also have plans to turn our empty swimming pool into a greenhouse.

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