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Bring your brain, kids and dogs...But leave the drugs and alcohol at home.
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Being a Dead Head, now living in the middle of nowhere in Utah, Mystic Mike, one day had the thought, why not have our own concerts? We have the space, and we're right off of I-70! He's always said that we have to create what we want here since things that we are interested in are not available in our remote area.

He built a stage inside the old restaurant building and started calling booking agents. Our first concert was with ekoostik Hookah in November of 1999. Being the first band here, they didn't quite expect to be playing in our living room without a alcoholic drinks or cigarette smoke. We had a nice size crowd for our first show. One of the band members even wrote a song and poem about his experience here.

Since then, we have had over 700 bands grace our stage including, Dark Star Orchestra, Railroad Earth, Kan'Nal, Tim Reynolds, The Motet, Acoustic Syndicate, Thamusemeant, Leftover Salmon, Sound Tribe Sector 9, Tom Constanten, Particle, Om Trio, ALO, David Gans, Taarka, JGB, Hanuman, EMT, New Monsoon, Hot Buttered Rum, and many many more.

Mike built an outdoor stage where we held several really fun festivals. In the summer, many bands that come play, perform an acoustic set up by the bathtubs on the hill around sunset.

Around five years ago Mike put together a 3-camera video Studio. Check out some of the latest from our video vaults on our channel on YouTube.

Mike is also a photographer and sometimes takes stills for press photos for the bands, like this one of the David Nelson Band.

There is really nothing else like seeing a show at Mystic.

The bands hang out and soak. You can see them at their most relaxed and sometimes most creative.

The shows are very intimate as we can only handle a small crowd.

People have traveled many miles to come see a show here.

ALO has played Mystic more than any other band with a total of 12 shows. We have had a blast every time!

If they are in your area don't miss this awesome band! They just finished their first world tour opening up for Jack Johnson.

The Jamband scene is diverse and amazingly talented. The music spans many genres, from bluegrass to jazz, and rock to funk. We are very critical and it really doesn't mean anything if you have never heard of a band that is playing here. If they play Mystic, they are worth seeing.

We usually pick up the bands' off night or travel day, as they are on their way from Denver to San Francisco or Salt Lake City to Flagstaff.

The same bands you would see in the big cities stop in and play a show for us here in the middle of nowhere.